There are many different types of pizza peel out there.  Some are used to launch a pizza and others are used to turn pizza inside a pizza oven.

I've created a Learning to Cook Pizza YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

The Pizza Peels I use - Pizza Peels for Beginners

Hello! Welcome to our learning to cook pizza journey! Hope you are all keeping safe and well. When I first started making pizza I wasn't sure which pizza peel to buy, what they did and whether to buy wood or metal etc. I made this video to show which peels I now have and which ones I use to make pizza with each week. I hope you find it useful.


K16 - US

Wooden pizza peels are used to just launch a pizza into a pizza oven and are my favourite type of launch peel.  Since day one I've been using the Italian Eppicotispai Birchwood pizza peel.  It's very light and I find it very easy to manoeuvre a pizza into an oven using it. 

The other wooden pizza peel I've used is the Ooni 12" peel.  It's made of bamboo and has been designed to launch a pizza and to cut pizza on and serve from after the cook.  This peel does a great job of doing both, but due to its thickness, it is heavier than the Eppicotispai peel.


K16 - UK

There are other types of peel that can be used to launch a pizza - some are made of metal with holes to allow the flour to escape from the base before the launch. 

When I launch a pizza I place some semolina onto the peel to stop the pizza from sticking during the launch.  With the peels that have holes, all the semolina falls through and the offset is that they have been designed to be non-stick. 

From my experience so far, they have stuck and the semolina then disappears through the holes, making it worse!  So, for now, I am sticking to using a wooden pizza peel for the launch.

Plus, the sound of wood brushing against stone is so much nicer than grating metal!

K16 - UK infographic


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