The weather is changing.  It's getting wetter and windier so I'm in the process of adapting my summer pergola to turn it into a fully waterproof pizza cooking area for less than £100.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

I bought a few panels of clear waterproof tarpaulin and attached it to the sides and the roof of the pergola with some tarp bungee cords.  So far, it's looking ok and holding up well against the storm we had overnight! 

Going forward, no matter what the weather, this area will provide somewhere dry for me to cook pizza all year round.  I'll give a tour with an update on how it's holding up in the next few weeks.


K16 - US

This week I used the Roccbox Pizza Oven to cook a wood-fired pizza.  Again, I swapped the wood burner over from the gas burner after the gas had heated up the stone to 430c.  This gave me a stone that was ready for the wood cook.

Currently, I'm using softwood kindling but ideally, I'd rather be using some small hard-wood pieces.  The hardwood provides more heat to keep the stone temperature up but also burns more efficiently and saves you filling up the burner every few minutes.


K16 - UK

Even though the temperature of the stone reduced by about 30c whilst I made the pizza, this didn't affect the cook at all.  Once I'd made the pizza I filled up the burner and the oven was ready for the cook.

Because this oven is very well insulated and the stone is thick, even though the temperature had reduced, it still cooked a great pizza and the base turned out golden on the stone.

This was my second cook with the wood burner using the Roccbox Pizza Oven and it was super fun and easy to use.  This was the first cook:

K16 - UK infographic

It's great to have the option of using both gas and wood in your pizza oven as the two fuels do give the pizza a different cook.

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