I made another pizza with 57% hydration pizza dough.   I’d cooked a number of pizza in the Ooni Pro pizza oven before this cook and for me the greatest challenge of all was to keep the stone at exactly 430c ‘ish in the centre with cooking time gaps of approximately 20 minutes!

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

It results in an oven that fluctuates up and down in temperature as the logs burn out.

Keeping the oven hot with a long pizza preparation time gap uses up more logs.

For instance, when I have two pizza’s ready to go, even three, I can get away with using just one large log and a bit of kindling to pep the flame up a bit for the final cook.

With my preparation time-gap cooks I am using three large logs and more lump wood to keep the burn going.  This is not efficient pizza cooking.

Check out the video below for the BBQ Chicken Pizza cook in the Ooni Pro wood-fired pizza oven.


K16 - US

I started cooking with the pizza door off as I prefer to do, but the flames disappeared and so I added the door but I didn’t put the clip on properly and the clip pushed down under my fingernail as I tried to catch it.

For me that’s a very sensitive place for a cut and it hurt - a lot!  For anyone interested in how I lowered the pain and also prevented an infection - I dipped the area in very very salty water for an hour at a time over a period of a day or two.

It worked really well.  I’m going to say that it hurt so much it made me feel sick and I think normally my pain threshold is quite high, so this felt worse than it looked!

So, I put the pizza door back on and even though the flame was strong, it wasn’t cooking my toppings fast enough so I lifted the pizza up into the flame.  The base had already cooked so in this situation I had to lift the pizza up and this was the best solution.

This was a really bad cook for me - everything went wrong, from the door falling off to the flame not cooking the pizza fast enough but it tasted really good!  I really enjoy BBQ Chicken pizza with cheese and it was nice to make a wood-fired one for a change.


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