The Autumn weather is now here to stay and I couldn't wait to use the Roccbox Pizza Oven to cook some pizza this week.  It was blustery with intermittent rain and my new little pizza den did help to protect the oven from the sharp bursts of wind we had.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

The first pizza we made was a Tomato and Mozzarella which was so tasty and had a lovely fresh end of summer taste!  I used yellow tomatoes which complemented the red tomato pizza base and the fresh green basil.


K16 - US

The Roccbox Pizza Oven took about 30 minutes to get to cooking temperature.

The Roccbox is such a lovely and easy oven to use as the flame distributes itself upwards and not against your crust.

This oven and the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven are the two ovens where I am far less likely to burn my crust!

I made a Salami Pizza using the Roccbox Pizza Oven for the second cook.  This was a deliciously tasty pizza and again the crust and the base cooked well.

It did take a bit longer than normal but I think this was either due to it being a windier and colder day, or because I was using gas from the bottle that was less than 1/4 full.


K16 - UK

The Salami Pizza was so tasty.  It's the way the juices from the salami seep into the cheese and into the crusty pizza dough.

The Roccbox Pizza Oven is so easy to use, easy to warm up and easy to get ready.  Its oven size is perfect for the pizza size I make and fits well onto the Roccbox Turning Peel.

Halloween is coming up soon and I'm going to make another spider pizza at the end of the month.  I made one about 2 years ago and I fancy making another one - they are great fun for Halloween parties!

Let us know if you are cooking in your Roccbox this Autumn and how you are dealing with cooking outside in the Autumn!

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K16 - UK infographic

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