Over the last week I've been testing other ingredients used to help stretch and launch the pizza dough into the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven, namely:

I normally use pizza flour to stretch and launch my dough into the pizza oven but after so many comments about these other ingredients, I wanted to try them out.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!


Semolina is used by many pizza makers to launch their pizza into the oven.  I used it a few years ago but was put off by the slightly burnt taste on the base.  However, after trying it again I'm suitably impressed.  There was no after taste and using it with a perforated launch peel, there's less semolina on the base.  My advice would be to blow off any excess semolina from your peel before the launch.


K16 - US


I recently visited a Domino's and watched how they used cornmeal with the pizza dough and how they used the cornmeal for the stretch and placed the pizza dough onto a perforated metal tray for the cook.

So, I bought some coarse cornmeal and went ahead to try that out with my pizza dough.

There were a few things that didn't work for me:

  • My cornmeal was too coarse - a finer grain would have been more suitable.
  • It didn't stop the dough from sticking to every surface.
  • It turned my dough yellow and became ingrained into the dough

I was left with a muddle of coarse-grained and pizza flour dough and this wasn't suitable for me to make pizza with so I made something else.  I was intending to make Pita Bread!

I'm going to name what I made a Got2EatPizza Cornmeal Sandwich Special! The video below shows how this all happened and the fun of experimenting with different ingredients in a wood-fired oven!


K16 - UK

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Going forward this is what I've learnt from using these two ingredients:

  • I'll keep using the semolina just for the launch
  • I'll use the cornmeal for making nice wood and gas-fired pizza dough bread and for creating the Got2EatPizza Cornmeal Sandwich Special!!

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K16 - UK infographic