I love the summer especially when the weather comes good and the outside temperature hits at least 20c.  And with Wimbledon and those fresh strawberries at their best, it was time to make my favourite home-made pizza - the dessert pizza using the Roccbox Pizza Oven.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

This can take many forms but I mostly make them with custard and some fresh fruit and sometimes a sprinkling of chocolate.

This all started when I visited a Bed and Breakfast in Tuscany, Italy and the family prepared the guests a feast of pizza from the entree pizza, different savoury pizza and finishing off with various pudding or dessert pizzas and they were superb.

They did change the dough structure with the dessert pizza - using a very light structured dough that crumbled, maybe it had more semolina in the dough.  But it was wonderful and started off a pizza thing for me.

This oven created a beautiful cook with the blueberries bursting and popping out their flavours over the other toppings and also over my new Roccbox Pizza Oven's pizza stone .


I fancied a nice BBQ Chicken Pizza this week and used the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven to make a chicken topping pizza covered with a jerk sauce that gave it a bit of "oomph".

It was very tasty and the sauce melted into the fried onions and mushrooms and cheese giving this whole pizza a delicious BBQ flavouring.

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K16 - US

Once again my phone overheated.  It's something that very rarely happens but I think the conditions are increased when the outside temperature hits over 25c and with the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven heat added to that.

So, from now on in those conditions, I will have to move further back!  In the Winter there is no issue.

I did mention in this video that my previous cook went very wrong and my launch of the dough into the oven didn't succeed.  I was going to upload that video today.

Showing the pizza cooks that have gone wrong help with the learning journey and may be of help to other beginner pizza cooks too.  I will upload that video soon - this is real outside cooking after all - not a studio!

It's been a lovely cooking week and I'm grateful to be using two very different ovens to make such tasty pizza with.

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Although I was a bit late uploading the video last night - I was editing from the morning through to the evening with family commitments taking over but eventually got it up at 8pm!  I do try to get the video up at around 4pm GMT normally.

I hope you have a lovely pizza making week and please comment on my videos if you have any questions!

See you next week!

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K16 - UK infographic


K16 - UK

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