Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Pizza Cooks

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Pizza Cooks

“The choice of pizza accessories and ovens has grown year on year.”

Just a few years ago I noticed a sudden increase in the choice and variety of Pizza Ovens being sold.  And along with that came the launch of many pizza cooking accessories to help make the pizza cooking experience at home fun and enjoyable for everyone.

I’ve created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help you with your learning to cook pizza journey!

There are some accessories that I feel are a necessity if you are cooking in an outside pizza oven.   I’ll cover some of these here but also check out the Pizza Tools page.

There are other pizza tools that are great gifts for both indoor and outdoor pizza fans and so in this article we will go through my favourite pizza tools and pizza accessories for Christmas 2020.

Ooni sizzler pan

My favourite pizza tool accessory, particularly for home cooks is the mini-pizza roller.  It can be used with all types of dough.

It is useful for helping to stretch pizza dough.  This is because it is narrow enough for you to roll your dough in the middle without the need to roll over the crusts. 

This helps create a dough base that will bubble up on the crusts and provide a thin stretched base.  If you prefer to make a thin, crispy pizza with no crusts then you can use the wider end to roll out the whole pizza base.

I use a breadmaker to knead the pizza dough using the pizza dough option.  It’s really important that the dough is kneaded effectively and consistently.

The reason for this is that there are so many other variables that need to be considered when proofing your dough and so keeping the knead consistent and effective will be a real help to the home pizza cook.

There are other available ways to knead dough – the oldest option is to knead by hand.  Other cooks may use a food mixer.

There are other pizza accessories that are both fun and practical that will light up your favourite pizza fan on christmas day!  Check these out!

Another great gift I received last year were pizza socks.  These always come in handy if like me, you need to keep your toes warm when cooking pizza outside.

This onesie will keep you warm when you are cooking pizza outside on a cold Winter day!


K16 - US

The laser thermometer is a very much needed pizza tool for cooking pizza outdoors.  The laser thermometer should be pointed onto the centre of the stone.

This will measure the heat of the stone and ensure that the pizza is cooked at the right temperature (430c in the centre).  This will ensure the base is cooked as quickly as the toppings and the crust.

A pizza cutter is a must have item!  Whether you divide your pizza into small or large slices these cutters will cut cleanly through!

Wooden pizza peels are used to launch the pizza into the oven.  They are not to be used for turning the pizza once it is cooking in the oven.

Wooden peels, especially these lightweight ones because they allow the pizza to easily slip off into the oven.  If the pizza gets sticky just add some flour or semolina to the sticky dough before the launch.

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