Ooni has recently launched their 7" metal pizza turning peel and I used it for the first time this week.

When I first started cooking pizza I used to use a square peel, where I would pull the pizza out of the oven and turn with my fingers.  This is fine if you don' t mind the tips of your fingers getting slightly burnt each time! 


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The main reason I switched over from a square peel to a turning peel was that my pizza's were changing shape as I turned them.  Not only that, I had a more practical reason - I wanted to turn with just one hand as I needed to hold my iPhone in the other for filming the pizza cook.

I would have changed over to the turning pizza peel eventually anyway, mainly due to the ease and practicality of turning the pizza inside the oven.

Still, after all this time I'm not great at turning the pizza when I film with one hand but I am better off camera!

So, if you are currently using a square peel I would recommend having a go at using a turning peel.

There are many different types to choose from, some are short-handled for the smaller pizza oven and there are medium-length handles for the bigger sized ovens.

Six months ago I purchased a Gozney Roccbox Turning Pizza Peel.  This peel is ideal for the smaller pizza oven with its shorter handle.  I use this peel in the Ooni 3, Roccbox and the Koda Pizza Ovens.

The Ooni Pro Pizza Oven has a larger floor base than the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven and the Ooni 3 and this is where this pizza turning peel comes in handy.

This new Ooni turning peel is the perfect size for the Ooni Pro.  The handle is perfectly suited to the length and depth of the oven.

It has an anodised covering that allows your pizza to glide under for the lift and turn.  The perforations let the flour fall away from the base of the pizza.

The size of this peel is perfect for small to medium sized pizza bases, it's lightweight and very well balanced.  A perfect choice for the medium-sized pizza oven due to it's longer handle length.

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