This was the second time I'd used the new chimney topper with the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven and it worked really well.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

The topper does a great job at dispersing the heat and smoke away from the roof.  This allows me to cook under plastic tarpaulin during the winter months.

But for this cook, I had an issue with the logs I'd used.  They were the normal brand but released so much soot for this cook.

This soot then accumulated onto the base of the stone by the pizza door area and also inside the chimney.   The flames were sweeping through the front opening rather than getting sucked up the chimney.

On the chimney, there is a side slider which operates the internal closure mechanism. This is used for cooking bread etc. to reduce airflow within the oven.

But at this time it had become clogged with this heavy soot from the logs.  After a few twiddles - I just opened and closed it a number of times to release the soot and the chimney performed better.


K16 - US

But after all the soot that was released, the chimney's been left needing a really good clean.  To do this I'll unclip and remove the chimney from the oven and give it a wash under the outside tap.

I've also cleaned the Ooni 3 Pizza Oven's chimney that way.  It helps wash the soot out.  The Ooni 3's chimney doesn't have an internal mechanism so there's less soot build-up inside.

The only issue is  -  I really don't want to use those fresh logs again for a while but I've muddled all my log stock together in a big basket!

I think it may be time I invested in a wood digital moisture meter gadget!

I also used dough that had been 24-hour fridge proofed and then 24-hour room proofed - the reverse of the normal process I use.

This cook came out well.   This pizza was part of a 4 pizza test using the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven and the same dough - one after the other.  The others...they didn't come out so good and this test proved that it's the flame and the heat of the oven that are principally the main reasons why the dough gains those leoparding bubbles.

I will be uploading those videos to show the different variables needed when you cook with real wood and how, using the same dough and oven, that does not necessarily determine consistency and how the flame cook does affect your crust.

We also made a BBQ pulled pork pizza this week using the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven and this was so tasty too.  Check the video out here:


K16 - UK

I know for a lot of us the weather is becoming colder, wetter and windier but that won't stop us making pizza outdoors!

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Have a lovely pizza cooking week! 

K16 - UK infographic

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