Pizza ovens aren't just for Pizza!  You can cook a multitude of things in a pizza oven and this week I wanted to cook steak.  I used the Ooni 3 Pizza Oven.  I hadn't used it for over a year - maybe more.  And used wood pellets. 

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

From the moment I emptied the pellets into the holder all my early memories of pizza cooking flooded back like a tidal wave!

I'm not a great fan of wood pellets as a fuel for pizza ovens.  The idea is great but the topping up, the topping up, the topping up.

It becomes a bit of a grind after a while especially when you have the option of loading a gas burner onto the back.  Just press and off you go!

But the challenge of cooking with pellets is part of the outdoor cooking experience.


K16 - US

And it was fun!  Cooking with the door off is more interesting than cooking with the door on. 

But if you prefer a fast and flamed cook stick with the door on. I heated up the skillet pan before placing the raw steak onto it.  Then after a few minutes - with steak it depends on how you like it - it's done.  If you are using pellets and not gas just ensure you keep it topped up.

The steak cooked well, medium rare and full of flavour.  Add those mushrooms onto the skillet if you like, maybe some tomatoes too.  I thought I owned a griddle pan but couldn't find it.  The lines from the griddle would have looked great seared onto the steak.

Pizza ovens are very versatile and offer a variety of fuel options.  I could've used gas for this cook - it certainly would've been easier!   But sometimes easy isn't as fun and if I wanted that I would've cooked my steak in a pan on the hob inside!

And talking about indoor cooking, when I cook my steak in a pan inside, I do all the flavouring thing - salt, seasoning, etc.

But when I cook steak in the pizza oven outdoors I don't put anything on the steak and that's just a personal thing.  Anyhow, enjoy your pizza oven cooking and experiment with the fuel type options that you have available - it's about the fun of cooking not just the cook itself.


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K16 - UK

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