The Roccbox Pizza Oven has two burners, a gas burner and a wood burner.  Both can be attached to the oven using the bayonet fitting that is accessible at the back of the oven.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

The wood burner is a metal tube with holes that has a small metal feeder attached  - this is where the small pieces of wood are placed and pushed down into the burner area.

For full information on how to add wood to the Roccbox burner please view the video below:


K16 - US

Having cooked a pizza using the gas burner beforehand this had the advantage of heating the stone to 400c.

The gas burner just had to be removed and exchanged for the wood burner after the cook.

This exchange of burners was just a matter of unscrewing the bayonet fitting and replacing with the wood burner in the same way. 

This meant that I could use the wood burner to top up the heat of the stone and provide me with the wood flame for the cook in the Roccbox Pizza Oven.

In just 10 minutes after lighting the wood and filling up the burner, the stone temperature had risen to 425c and the oven was ready for the wood fire pizza cook.

The Roccbox Pizza Oven has shown that it can be adapted very easily into both a gas and wood-fired pizza fuel option.  The handy and easy burner attachment enables this to be done between the two separate fuel cooks.  

The process I used:

  • Heat up the stone with gas to 430c (or make a pizza with the gas first)
  • Swap over the burners.  The burner was not hot at the bottom so just had to unscrew it from the oven and screw the wood burner into place.
  • Feed the wood burner with dried kindling or small pieces of wood regularly.  Don't let the wood burn out - fill it for the time you make your pizza and then top it up again just before the pizza cook to ensure that you have a strong flame.
  • Once you have finished cooking and the oven has cooled - wipe away the soot at the front of the oven with a clean dry cloth.

Overall,  for the Roccbox Pizza Oven to provide a choice and enable an easy switch over from gas to real wood is a great option.

The wood flame directed itself in the same way as the gas flame and this gave the pizza a lovely crust and topping cook without having to lift the pizza up to the flame which in my opinion is the sign of a well-designed and engineered portable pizza oven.

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