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Hello! Welcome to our learning to cook pizza journey! And we finally have our hands on the Roccbox with kind thanks to Gozney for reaching out! This is the first time I've ever used the Gozney Roccbox gas-fired pizza oven and this is the first pizza cook I've made using it. Like my other first cook videos using a new pizza oven, I wanted to capture this moment no-matter what happens! Making Pizza at home gets even more fun! For the toppings I used buffalo mozzarella, herbs, garlic infused olive oil and cooked smoked crunchy bacon. For the next pizza cook test I'm going to ramp up the heat to see what happens! I used the same batch of dough from the previous video - the Chorizo Pizza. Even though I've only made one cook with this pizza oven I know I'm going to love it already 💖! 500g Blue Caputo 00 Flour 2g dissolved dry yeast 9g dissolved table salt 300g water.

This pizza oven series will review the following wood and gas-fired pizza ovens:

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

This article will cover these areas:

  • The fuel type
  • The efficiency of the fuel
  • The heat retention
  • Ease of use
  • The portability of the oven


K16 - US



The Roccbox Pizza Oven runs off both gas and wood.  It has a burner for each fuel type that can be easily attached to the oven using a bayonet fitting.

The burners can be switched over and I've found that this is very easily done - it just takes seconds.

Not only that but if you use the gas burner first then switch over to the wood burner, the gas burner is cool to handle at the mid and base, due to its design.  However, I still use gloves just in case!  

The ignition on the Roccbox gas burner works perfectly and the dial at the back is easy to use as it's clearly labelled.

The wood burner slots onto the base of the back of the oven.   It has a wood feeder where you slot your small pieces of wood into and push them from there down into the burner.

The burner can handle kindling sized wood pieces - just make sure you keep the burner topped up with new wood.


K16 - UK


The gas option seems to be very efficient and I'm very pleased with how long it takes to get through a bottle of propane.  With the wood burner option, I would recommend using longer burning hardwood pieces - they should take longer to burn at the back and save you topping up time.


The Roccbox Pizza Oven takes about 35 minutes to heat up the stone to 430c with the flame on full strength.

The pizza stone is about double the depth of the stone used in the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven.

For the after-cook temperature, as with the other pizza ovens, the climate and the strength of the flame you used to cook your pizza with will determine the temperature of your stone after your cook.  However, when I heat it back up with a full flame it's normally ready to use again in about 5 minutes.  This oven is very well insulated.


Both the gas and wood burner at the back face toward the top of the oven and this makes it very easy to cook your pizza with.  I can really push the pizza to the back of the stone and not worry about burning the crust with the flame.  The flame then gently floats down from above and touches the pizza toppings giving them a lovely cook.  So, the design of the burners makes it very easy to cook pizza with  - great for beginner pizza makers.  You can also cook your vegetables, meats, and fish using a sizzler pan in this oven.

The stone temperature is so important to the pizza cooking process and this oven has a temperature dial that measures the stone at the base.  That really is a great feature.


The Roccbox Pizza Oven is portable and is easy to carry around using the detachable velcro strap.

The stone cannot be removed and there is no chimney.  The three legs fold underneath the oven.


The Roccbox Pizza Oven is suitable for both beginners and more advanced pizza cooks and is easy to use.  It's very well-engineered, with a very strong, thick and sturdy, well insulated and designed shell, available in Grey and Green.  The addition of a temperature dial connected to the base of the stone really does set this oven apart from the others.


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K16 - UK infographic

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