Roccbox Pizza Oven Review – 2 Years Later.

Roccbox Pizza Oven Review – 2 Years Later.

Roccbox Pizza Oven Review – 2 Years Later.

I’ve been using the Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven for 2 years!  What are my thoughts on it now?  Check out my video here!

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The Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven is dual-fuelled and performs like new, 2 years later.

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Cooking pizza in the Roccbox is nice and easy. And because of this, it allows you to concentrate on your pizza cook.

You don’t have to manage the flame because once the gas flame has been ignited and set to your favourite flame size, you are good to go.

The burner sends the flame up and over your pizza and I place the pizza quite close to it at the back.

So, how is this oven fairing after 2 years and many pizza cooks later?

I checked the appearance and other than some expected cooking stains from my pizza debris the oven looks like new.  I rarely ever wipe down the silicon outer shell.  I sometimes brush off the pizza stone and have never cleaned the inside roof/dome area.

The only area that gets soot from the wood burner is on the front logo area above the opening.  The soot escapes there and I just wipe that down when it’s cool.

There have been two wood burner versions – I’m still using the first  – it’s great to use when you fancy cooking with wood.


The gas burner is easy to use and my favourite fuel to cook with in the Roccbox

I would still recommend heating the oven up with the gas burner first, then swap over the burners at the back.  The gas burner does a very good job at heating the oven up ready for the wood burner.

The oven has been given a new outer silicon shell cover colour recently – a nice olive green and they also still sell it in the attractive grey colour.

Overall, I still really enjoy using the Roccbox – it’s a super pizza oven for beginners and pro cooks alike!

I’ve created a Learning to Cook Pizza YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help you with your learning to cook pizza journey!


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