I couldn't wait to use the Roccbox Pizza Oven!  And after just one cook I knew I was going to love using this oven.

When I received the lovely grey silicone covered pizza oven the first thing I noticed was how totally sturdy this oven was.  No loose bits, the stone arrives attached to the oven and it's a lovely thick piece of stone designed to capture all the heat providing for a good base cook.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

As a beginner and this being the first cook I wasn't totally sure at what temperature the oven needed to be for the cook and so I played it really safe and cooked with the gas on low.


K16 - US

However, during the first cook, I realised I hadn't warmed up the oven enough!  The dial on the side showed 300c and the stone at the top was at 415c so I went with that.  But, I should've waited for the dial on the side to reach 430c and then cooked the pizza.

That's what I love about first cooks - you really are testing it with an open mind and the challenge to understand the oven during the first cook is real!

For the second pizza cook, I am going to put the oven at 400c plus and cook with the gas on full to see what happens!

I can already feel, after just one cook with this Roccbox Pizza Oven that this is a great oven for beginners and pro's alike.

The temperature dial on the side is such a handy gadget to have and I've been told that it measures the base of the stone temperature which is something I've not been able to do on any other pizza oven I've used.

The size of the Roccbox Pizza Oven is perfect for the pizza I make and I really like the entrance to the oven - shaped like a pizza door but without the need to have a door.

The gas burner at the back also caught my eye and again this is the first oven I've used with the gas burner aimed to the top back of the oven and immediately I noticed the benefit of this.

It meant that I could place the pizza up to the back of the oven to reach the hot stone base temperature if needed.  This provides the top of the pizza with access to the flame that gently bounces from the top back and down, giving it a lovely soft wispy cook rather than a direct blast of flame!


K16 - UK

The pizza cook was really lovely - considering I cooked it below temperature it came out really well!  I had a lovely base cook and the flames licked the top of the pizza beautifully giving my toppings a perfect cook!

I really can't wait to cook more pizza with this Roccbox Pizza Oven with different oven temperatures and different toppings.  The insulation of this oven appears to be quite significant as it took a long time for the stone temperature on the dial to reduce.

In between each cook, the pizza stone is insulated to the point where you will not have to wait long for it to heat up for your next cook.  Also, I am expecting this oven to be very efficient when I cook outside in the winter due to that increased insulation on the base.  

That's a huge plus for me because I cook outside all year long and in low outside temperatures.

K16 - UK infographic

So, after just one cook I am loving this oven!  Plus the Roccbox Turning Peel just works perfectly with it!

I've had a fantastic pizza cooking week and the weather has been superb and this with receiving this superb new oven I'm a very happy home pizza-maker!

Have a lovely week!  I couldn't do this without your support and help!  All very much appreciated!

See you next week!

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