I made the decision to buy the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven this week and couldn't wait to get it straight out of its box and give it a try.  The gas pipe was already attached to the oven.  It's really quick to set up.  You just pull the three legs down and place the stone inside the oven.  Attach it to the gas - turn the ignition knob that actually works  and it's ready.  The Ooni 3 Pizza Oven gas burner has an ignition knob that's only worked a few times for me and I've ended up using a match to light it

Ooni (US)

I made one of my favourite pizzas - a ham and cheese for the first cook.  I wanted to see how the gas cooked the ham.  The leaflet that came with the oven suggested that it would take 15 minutes for the stone to heat up to the recommended 400c in the middle of the stone.  And that's exactly how long it took.  The gas was on full power to heat it up.  One thing I noticed using the gas dial at the back - I couldn't see the power marker very well.   It's all black and I know that's something I'll get used to after time but it would have been more practical if they had highlighted the power level and the marker in white.

The stone was 400c when the pizza went in.  I turned the gas power to medium.  The crust cooked very quickly and it was seconds before I made the turn.  The cook was fun and I was happy with the way the gas flame cooked the crust and the top.   I had convinced myself that the oven would be too low for the flame and it would overcook the toppings before the crust.  I was very wrong - the top cooked beautifully.  The base didn't cook as well though.  The stone was 400c in the middle as recommended by Ooni but that's going to be too low to get a good cook on the base.

As this was the first and only cook I've made so far with this oven I want to try and get that stone to a much higher temperature in future to improve the base cook.  Let's see how it goes!

Overall, my first impressions with the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven are that it's a good looking oven finished with a top quality matt black plastic case that does get hot by the way!  It's easy to carry around and store as it doesn't have a chimney to get in the way and it's quite light.  It's easy to set up and you'll be cooking pizza in 15 minutes. If you are learning to make pizza and want to use an outdoor pizza oven then this has the potential to be a great oven.  I just need to work on the heat of the stone first before I give a full review.👍

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  1. Hi
    I’ve been watching all your videos and I still can’t decide which oven to buy.

    If you had to choose between the Ooni 3 with gas or the koda what would you go for? I appreciate the ooni 3 has the pellet option but if you had to choose purely on cooking results which would you go for ??

    Any guidance appreciated

    Thanks andy

    1. Hi Andy

      Based on my cooking and the results I’ve had I would opt for the Koda if I had the choice only because I think the Gas burner on the Koda is better than the 3. 👍

    2. Thanks for watching! I’m currently working on how to guides and pizza oven reviews on this site so please check them out – coming up very soon!

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