Pepperoni NY Style Pizza Cooked in the Ooni Volt 12!

Pepperoni NY Style Pizza Cooked in the Ooni Volt 12!

Pepperoni NY Style Pizza Cooked in the Ooni Volt 12!

We bought the Ooni Volt 12 on its launch day and today we cooked a NY Pepperoni Pizza in there!  Check it out!

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High heat ovens will cook your pizza super fast and as this electric oven can heat up to 450c, it gets to the same temperature as the outdoor pizza cooking ovens!

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This electric pizza oven can be used indoors and outdoors, perfect for cooking pizza as the oven can reach 450c!


I set up my Ooni Volt 12 onto my kitchen worktop.

I heated the oven to 350c and then launched the pizza to cook at that temperature for up to 5 minutes.

The pizza cooked well.  It benefitted from a few rotations to ensure an evenly cooked crust.

The crust was lovely and crunchy and the base cooked really well. After a few cooks with the Ooni Volt 12 pizza oven I am finding it easy to use!

I’m aiming to create a faster pizza cook at a 450c heat level, that’s less crunchy and that will be my focus over the next few weeks!



    this pepperoni ny style pizza was cooked at 350c

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