This week has flown by but I'm so happy I cooked this Pancetta topped pizza in the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven.  It's so tasty!

Next time I'll add some small tomatoes on top to balance the flavours.  The dough I used for this pizza cook was a 24 hour room proofed dough and I think this is the first time in a while I've used it.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

My main process has been to refrigerate the dough, then room proof it back.  I think I'll be going back to that way as I feel it makes the dough more manageable for the stretch.


K16 - US

I had to use the mini-pizza roller with this dough to get it to stretch out as much as possible otherwise I would have ended up with a big fluffy pizza pie!

What is so good about using the mini-roller is that you can stretch the pizza to the way you like it. So, if you prefer a bubbly crust you can roll up to the crust and leave about a half inch gap.

Should you like a totally thin pizza edge to edge then you can roll away all the bubbles!  Plus, it still gives you a perfect round pizza shape so it's pretty effective.


I realised as soon as I'd touched the dough after its proof, the structure of it had turned to gloop.

The dough I used for this pizza felt as though all the elasticity had melted away into a lump of wet glue.

It was so ridicuously sticky I had to use a significant amount of flour just to be able to touch it.  It would've attached to my hand like some alien species otherwise and refuse to let go.  

How it turned into this soggy matter I just don't know.  It could have over-proofed....

I managed to stretch out the very holey dough which kept tearing up with every move.  I had to see what would happen with this dough - whether it would cook well in the Roccbox Pizza Oven or not.

I don't know how this dough launched off the peel but somehow it did - once that hot stone had touched the base I felt some relief!

The Roccbox pizza oven really did save the dough on this pizza!  It gave a wonderful cook and made sure that those leoparding spots popped out of the dough.  Apart from the irregular shape of this pizza, the taste of this dough and the look of it was really great!


K16 - UK

So, I think the tip here is that when your dough looks and feels lifeless and is very holey and totally soggy like gloop, if you can manage it into some sort of shape and then launch it into your oven you'll be good to go. All that effort will pay off because at the end you will have a very satisfying tasty and good looking pizza!

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See you next week!

K16 - UK infographic

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