It's now been just over a year since I've been using the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven and it's the first outdoor piece of equipment that has managed to get me hooked on wood-fired cooking.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

Ooni Pro Review | One Year Later

Hello! Welcome to our learning to cook pizza journey. It's been just over a year since I've been using the Ooni Pro and so thought it a good time to look back on the year I've had using the Pro and why I just love cooking pizza in it!


K16 - US

It's been used in the pouring rain, ice, snow and wind, diligently cooking pizza at no less a temperature than it needed.  It's baked bread, ciabatta and it's been wheeled across my patio more times than I can remember.

It's also blown across it too, the trolley wheels trundling the oven across the other side of the garden in a storm whilst it was being stored.  When not in use the spiders love it and within a few hours, they've already set up their cobweb home, hiding in the creases of the large BBQ cover I store it under.


K16 - UK

The Ooni Pro Pizza Oven has a large cooking area, suitable for all sizes of pizza up to 16" and it also comes with two doors - a pizza door and a main door with the temperature gauge.

The chimney has a slider that controls the air flow out.  The stone is a good thickness and comes in 4 sections and this makes it easier to carry and set up for each cook.

On a personal level, the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven has provided me and my family with a professional level oven that we can use outside to cook many types of food.   We use real wood logs and lump wood, but there's the versatility to use the optional gas burner or wood pellet burner too.

The Ooni Pro Pizza Oven is versatile, beautifully designed and will cook your home-made pizza in no time.  If you are new to wood-fired cooking then check out the videos below - how to light the Ooni Pro and also Cooking Bread in the Ooni Pro:

K16 - UK infographic

My biggest learning curve was getting the right wood and making sure that it was ready to cook with, that it had dried out properly and wasn't green.

The other important part I had to quickly learn was how to light the oven with a gaslighter.  Once I'd properly learned how to do those two aspects of wood-fired cooking, the oven was ready to go!


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