Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven Review – Two Years Later!

My Ooni KODA 16 Pizza Oven Review | After Two years of using it!

Hello and welcome to our learning to cook pizza journey! Today we review the Ooni Koda 16 Gas-fired Pizza Oven after I bought it TWO years ago! I love this pizza oven and currently, it's my favourite from the Ooni range! We bought this pizza oven to provide you with honest cooks, tips and reviews! If you enjoyed this vid please Like and Subscribe here! https://www.youtube.com/c/Got2EatPizza 🍕 Find us on Instagram and Pinterest - Got2EatPizza 🔥 At your request I'll add your name at the end of the latest video if you support us using SUPER THANKS or Buy a Pizza/Coffee on Paypal - Let me know in the comments! Thanks for your support!


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K16 - US

The reason why the Ooni Koda 16 is my favourite go-to pizza oven currently is because it:

  • is bright inside the oven.  This allows you to see the pizza cook at the side and the back.  This makes it much easier for you to see how fast the crust is cooking!
  • has an l-shaped gas burner that cooks half your pizza at one time.  Technically, you could cook this pizza with just one rotation!  I dont think I’ve ever done that.  But have cooked the pizza with just 2 rotations a few times!
  • has a lovely large pizza stone and this gives you more room to move your pizza around especially if you are cooking smaller pizza.
  • is a super oven for new pizza cooks.  Because this oven gives you all the brightness and room you need to learn to cook without burning your pizza!
  • is a portable pizza oven and is lighter without the stone.  I would advise carrying the stone separately as it’s quite heavy in itself.
  • has a lovely deep stone that retains the heat!
  • is easy to clean.  In fact, I hadn’t cleaned the oven for 2 years and gave it a clean in the video above.  There wasn’t much to clean off after all that time!

the Ooni Koda 16 is easy to set up and is a super starter oven for new pizza cooks

    Overall, after two years and lots of pizza cooking I can happily confirm that I am very happy with this pizza oven.  I have enjoyed cooking both smaller and larger pizza and it’s been so easy to heat up for a fast cook!

    If you are new to pizza cooking I would advise that you start off cooking smaller pizza and gradually make them bigger as you learn to use the oven!

    Check out our Pizza Stone Cleaning Video here.

    Enjoy your outdoor pizza oven cooking!

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    K16 - UK
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