The best way to compare two pizza ovens is to place them side by side and that's what I did here to show the difference in size of both the Ooni Koda and the Ooni Karu Pizza oven.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

I also show in the video below the difference between the gas burners on both models.

Ooni Koda 12 v Ooni Karu 12 Gas Pizza Oven Review | PIZZA BEGINNERS GUIDE!

Hello and welcome to our learning to cook pizza journey! Here we show the differences between the Ooni Koda and the Ooni Karu Pizza Ovens - a quick pizza oven review!


K16 - US

The first thing I noticed after placing together was the difference in the height.  The Ooni Karu is taller and offers a higher roof space internally, however the entrance of the oven looked quite similar in size.  The Karu’s opening looked bigger only because of the front fascia.

Then I compared the gas burners.  The Ooni Karu is a duel-fuelled oven and can be switched easily between gas and wood.  With the gas-burner in place it sits on the outside of the oven.  The Ooni Koda’s oven is integrated into the oven and cannot be switched over.

The Ooni Koda’s gas burner is linear and sits across the back of the oven.  There is a small flame guard that provides some protection for pizza away from the flames.  It works really well and this burner provides a lovely wispy flame, very similar to that provided by wood.


K16 - UK

The Ooni Karu’s gas burner, which sits on the outside of the oven due to its interchangeability, has two round gas burners.  This oven uses the Ooni Gas Burner - a model that was originally developed for the Ooni 3.

The Ooni Gas Burner fits really well inside the Karu which is a little longer than the Koda inside and the flames of the gas burner sit well enough away from the pizza.

This distance means that a flame guard is not needed at all to protect the pizza from the flames.  The flames push out and up perfectly, giving your pizza a lovely fired cook.

The pizza stone of the Karu sits in a dip and is also thicker than the Koda’s stone that sits on the floor of the oven.  I feel that the pizza in the Karu is protected somewhat from the flames because it sits lower in the oven - particularly designed for the wood flames but also works really well with the gas flames.

So what’s the better oven of the two?  Which one would I buy?  My simple answer to those questions is this:

Do you want to use a gas burner to cook your pizza or do you want a choice of fuel options?  If you want a choice then the Ooni Karu would be perfect - two fuels in one oven.

But if you know you will never use wood and will just be cooking with gas then the Koda offers a well designed, lightweight portable oven and the linear gas burner at the back is extremely effective with its wispy flame.


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K16 - UK infographic