My Top Ten Pizza Oven Tips! Ooni Karu 12 Pizza Oven

My Top Ten Pizza Oven Tips!  Ooni Karu 12 Pizza Oven

My Top Ten Pizza Oven Tips! Ooni Karu 12 Pizza Oven

These are my top ten tips for cooking pizza in the Ooni Karu 12 Pizza Oven.  They are particularly useful if you are new to pizza making and have just started to use the Ooni Karu 12 Pizza Oven.


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How to light the ooni karu pizza oven

1. The Hot Stone.  I’ve found that no matter how wet or dry my dough is, this oven has a pizza stone that retains the heat.  This means that it is quicker to heat up and it also retains its heat.  So my tip here is that you may need to cook at a temperature in the middle of the stone at 410c and not 430c as I would normally.

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2.  Cleaning the Stone.  It’s easy to clean up this stone – you just turn the stone over and around after every cook.  Check out this stone cleaning video using the Ooni Koda 12 – the same process applies.

3.  Chimney Toggle Wiggle.  When you use the chimney, soot will build up inside.  Just give the vent toggle a little wiggle after every few wood-fire cooks.   This will dislodge any build up and ensure a clear air passageway for your fire.

4.  Gas Burner First Cook.  If you are planning to cook with both fuels in the same cook, then I would advise using the gas burner first then switch over to the wood grate burner.  The wood grate burner has to be pulled through the oven to remove it, the gas burner just needs to be detached at the back. 

5. Cooking with the Door Off (Wood).  This oven has a door which you would use when you heat up the oven.  To achieve a fast cook it’s best to cook with the door on, but there is also the option to cook with the door off.  This makes it easier for you to watch your pizza cook and to rotate it quickly.  As long as the flame is strong at the back, your pizza will cook well with the door off.

6.  Cooking with Full Gas Flame.  The grate for the wood burner needs to be pulled through the front of the oven, whereas the gas burner quickly detaches at the back, so if you decide to cook with both burners then best to cook with the gas burner first.

7.  When to Add Wood for a Flame.  The Karu 12 doesn’t have a huge grate but it can hold logs around 6″ long.  To ensure you get a good strong flame ready for the cook I place more wood logs into the grate 5 minutes before the cook.  This gives it time to catch, retains the oven heat and the flame remains strong for the cook.

8.  Cooking in a Breeze.  This can be a challenge when the flames float about erratically.  In this situation to avoid them burning your crust, pull the pizza well away from the flame, to the front of the oven if possible.  Place the oven with its side against the direction of the breeze to avoid gusts entering from the front and back.

9.  Use a Turning Peel.  If possible, start to cook pizza using a small round turning peel.  A 7″ peel should be fine to use with pizza up to 12″ in size.  They allow the pizza to stay in the oven at all times with more control when you rotate the pizza around during the cook.

10.  Lightweight Wood Launch Peel.  A lightweight wooden peel makes light work of launching your pizza into the oven.  Just add some semolina or flour to the peel, pull on the pizza base, add your toppings and you are ready to launch.  Just give the pizza a little wiggle to check for sticking.  If it does, add some more flour or semolina under that spot, wiggle again to check and then launch.

I’ve created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help you with your learning to cook pizza journey!


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