My Top 5 Pizza Cooking Gifts!

My Top 5 Pizza Cooking Gifts!

My Top 5 Pizza Cooking Gifts!

These are my top 5 pizza gifts! Check the vid out!

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There are many accessories and tools to choose from to help you with your outdoor pizza cooking.  These are my favourite!

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I have chosen Pizza Peels, Digital Thermometers, Stainless Steel Worktops, Pizza Ovens and Breadmakers as my top 5 favourite pizza cooking items!


These are my Top 5 Pizza Cooking Gifts:

  • PIZZA PEELS – there are many peels on the market now and so much choice!  I have tried out a number of peels over the last few years and I have settled for a while with the Gozney 7″ Turning Steel Pizza Peel to use with the 12″ Pizza Ovens.  I use the Ooni 12″ aluminum pizza peel with the 16″ pizza ovens.  I launch all my pizza using the Eppicotispai Wooden Pizza Peels and I have two sizes for both the 12″ and 16″ pizza ovens.
  • PIZZA DOUGH BREADMAKER – there is only one breadmaker I can recommend for kneading pizza dough as I have only ever used one brand – The Panasonic Breadmaker.  I love it and have used this breadmaker for kneading perfect dough for years.  It provides consistent and quality results every time.
  • STAINLESS STEEL PREPARATION BOARD – this is one of the most practical items I’ve bought this year!  I used to zip back and forth into the kitchen to prepare my pizza but now I do this outside with this clean and hygienic stainless steel board!  It has little pads underneath to protect your table and a curved lip at the edge so there are no sharp edges!

a bread maker is perfect for making super quality pizza dough!

Check out our Pizza Stone Cleaning Video here.

Enjoy your outdoor pizza oven cooking!

I’ve created a Pizza for Beginners – Learning to Cook Pizza and How to Use Pizza Ovens YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help you with your learning to cook pizza journey!

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