My Top 10 Pizza Dough Tools!

My Top 10 Pizza Dough Tools!

My Top 10 Pizza Dough Tools!

These are my top 10 pizza dough making tools that I use to make pizza dough.  Check out the video here:


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The most important tool that I have to make pizza dough is the breadmaker. It delivers consistent results.

Pizza Dough

There are just a few key items you need to make pizza dough and I’ve listed them all below:

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These are my top 10 pizza dough tools I use to make pizza dough:

1. The Breadmaker.  These have been designed to knead dough using many types of flour.  The dough quality achieved using a breadmaker compared to other kitchen appliances that use a pizza hook is quite significant.  Breadmakers are super at kneading good quality pizza dough.  Check that the machine has a pizza dough option.

2. Flour Container.  You will be using a lot of flour and having quick access to it will be key to a practical and efficient set up.  I use the Sistema 3.25l bakery container and this is also sold with a measuring cup.  I think this is the best flour container I have bought due to its practical shape for handling, the side clips and it’s the perfect size for holding 1kg of pizza flour.

3. Dough Ball Basin.  Once you’ve balled up your dough and before the stretch it’s very handy to have a little bowl filled with flour to dip the dough into.  I use a ceramic pudding basin for this and it fits the dough ball just fine.

4. Weighing Scales.  One thing I learnt about measuring pizza dough is that every gram counts – so when you are using yeast, you will need to get to, for example, 0.3g and using a scale that gives you a detailed weight is a must for these smaller yeast measurements.

5. Mini Pizza Roller.  If you are having problems stretching your pizza then this is the tool for you!  If you roll your dough from the centre toward the crust, but not over the crust edge, this will protect the air in your crusts and produce you a lovely thin crust pizza with a nice bubbly crust.



    6. Wooden Pizza Peel.  You will need this tool at the pizza dough stage.  You will need to carefully pull the stretched pizza dough onto the wooden pizza peel.

    7. Proofing Bowl.  I bulk proof my pizza dough and you will need a bowl that’ll handle your dough as it doubles in size.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t have a lid – you can use cling film to seal the dough inside.

    8. Dough Blade Cutter – I don’t use this tool every time I make dough, only when I need to use the bakers tray and cut up the dough from there.

    9. Bakers Tray.   I use this tray sometimes  – when I proof the dough in balls at room temperature.  It takes up a lot of room in the fridge so I more often use smaller dough containers below for that.

    10. Small Plastic Tub with Lid.  I use these every time – they can be bought in a multi pack and are thin plastic tubs and very inexpensive.  They are a great size for proofing single dough balls in the fridge.

    I’ve created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!


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