My Outdoor Wooden Pizza Kitchen!

My Outdoor Wooden Pizza Kitchen!

My Outdoor Wooden Pizza Kitchen!

We’ve put together a wooden outdoor pizza kitchen!  Check out our video here!

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Creating an outdoor pizza kitchen gave me an opportunity to use my imagination to create a practical pizza-making den and useful addition to my garden!

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outdoor wooden pizza kitchen
Pizza Kitchen

I love wood and cooking under wood and so this BBQ Shelter gave me the option to turn it into a Pizza Shelter!

I’ve been wanting to get this together for over a year and at last, here it is!

I wanted:

A small kitchen.

A wooden structure.

A wooden pizza table/cooking area/workstation.

Originally I had planned that we could make all the above ourselves. 

After checking what I needed to do that, I realised I needed to buy hundreds of pounds worth of woodworking tools.  But more importantly, the one thing I couldn’t buy was time. 

And so with no spare time to learn how to make the structures and with no tools, we decided it was better to buy the pizza table and BBQ shelter.  So I set out to find the best quality and best value items on the internet.

Happily, I found the Hampton BBQ shelter which turned out to be very good quality and very easy to construct.  All the holes were pre-drilled and the roof and lattice panels had already been constructed.  All we needed to do was put the pieces together.  The shelter cost £500.

The wooden pizza table was all ready pre-made.  I had to do nothing but carry it through the house into the garden! The table cost £265 and was purchased off a small UK shop on Etsy.  

I had a choice of table size and height.  I needed to make some weatherproof adjustments to the BBQ Shelter and I was going to permanently panel in the sides with shiplap, but at the last minute, changed that plan.



We had some shiplap, a saw, a pencil, some screws, a screwdriver and a right angle ruler - and from there we made the side panels.

It made more practical sense to construct two removable side panels.  With some basic tools, like a saw, a nail gun, a right-angle ruler, and some screws, these were made in a few hours.

We bought x8 3m lengths of shiplap to match the roof and went about sawing the wood into the width of the shelter.

We initially nailed the boards together but ended up having to screw them.

We used a diagonal piece of wood and two more on the side of the panel to keep the shiplap in place.  We then added a few latches to attach them to the shelter.

I’ve added a few of my favourite pizza kitchen accessories, a cool flame neon light, Mason and Cash Bowls and a Stainless Steel WorkTop (similar to this one!

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I’ve created a Pizza for Beginners – Learning to Cook Pizza and How to Use Pizza Ovens YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help you with your learning to cook pizza journey!


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