How To Not Burn Pizza Crust!

How To Not Burn Pizza Crust!

How To Not Burn Pizza Crust!

How to not burn your pizza crust using a high-heat pizza oven!  Check this short vid out!
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High heat ovens will cook your pizza super fast if you are using wood, charcoal or gas.
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Wood and gas-fired pizza ovens cook pizza so much faster than electric ovens as their flames are so close to the pizza crust.


It is so important to not take your eye off your pizza when you are cooking.

As soon as you launch your pizza into the oven, your focus and attention should be 100% on the crust that’s closest to the flames.  It can take just a few seconds to overcook the crust, especially if there is a breeze.

A breeze can flip the flame right over your pizza and before you know it, your crust has been scorched!

When I cook pizza I can’t talk to anyone or be distracted by anything, I just focus on the pizza!  I talk to the camera though – but that’s different as I’m keeping my eye on the flames.  All you need to do is rotate often.

How often depends on the speed the crust cooks before your first turn.  That’s a great guide.  Turn don’t burn the pizza.  It’s best to turn it often than not, just in case.



the flames cook your pizza crust quickly so keep your eye on it throughout the cook

If you aren’t sure what’s going on at the back of the oven with the flames and the crust, just give it a 45 degree turn to see what’s cooked so far.  Enjoy your outdoor pizza oven cooking!

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