All the festivities have now ended and the New Year has begun and with some dry weather forecast, I couldn't wait to get the DeliVita wood-fired oven out to make some lovely pizza.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

Unlike the other pizza ovens I use,  this oven is made of clay.  It also has a beautiful, shiny fibre glass shell that really does make the oven stand out and say "hey look at me, I'm super cool!"  And the thing is - it is.

The first cook I made with the DeliVita was with the help of Chef Marco from DeliVita who showed me how to build up a fire in the middle of the oven.  And then how to push it to the back at the right time for the larger logs ready for the cook.

All in all, the time it took to warm up the stone was the same as the other ovens.  Check out how I got on in the video below:

First Time Pizza Cook using Delivita Wood-Fired Oven | Got2EatPizza & Delivita | Real-Time

Hello! Welcome to our learning to cook pizza journey. I am joined by Chef Marco from Delivita who shows us how to use the Delivita Wood Fired Oven. It's my first-time cook using the Delivita Oven and also the first time I've used a clay wood-fired oven! We cook 2 pizza's in real-time. Marco cooks first to show us how and then my first cook is at 8:06 minutes! It was pouring with rain but we were protected under my pop-up gazebo! The dough was from Delivita. This was a fantastic learning opportunity and I'm very grateful to Chef Marco for the time he took to teach me how to use the oven and also how to stretch pizza!


K16 - US

I love using the DeliVita, it's simple wood-fired cooking at its finest.  It weighs less than 30kg.  There are carry handles in the base, it's weatherproof and is also made of clay.  What else do you need to make a classic pizza?

In the video below I made two pizza, one using my pizza dough and the other with DeliVita's pizza dough.  Both had been frozen and defrosted overnight.  For the cook I used the Gozney Roccbox 7" turning peel - the length of the handle is perfect for this oven and also the 7" metal peel head was a good size for turning.

I launched the pizza using the Eppicotispai wooden peelwhich is light and easy to use.

The outer shiny shell really does look beautiful and this is a well-designed oven that has all the features of portability, beauty and ultimately of creating a superb pizza cook.

It's not only used for pizza though.  With its clay heat retention, this oven can cook anything you can possibly fit into it.  It's not just a pizza oven, it's a wood-fired oven.


K16 - UK
K16 - UK infographic


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