How to Make a 14 inch Sausage Pizza using the Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven

How to Make a 14 inch Sausage Pizza using the Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven

How to Make a 14 inch Sausage Pizza using the Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven

We made a 14″ sourdough pizza and used a mini pizza roller to get it as thin as possible with a nice crust! Check out the video here!


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We used sourdough bought from the Ooni UK website as they sell frozen sourdough balls that are delivered direct to your home.

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If you are having difficulty stretching pizza – the mini pizza roller will help you out!

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For this pizza I used Smokey style Hungarian Sausage which was very tasty and added some buffalo mozzarella cheese and herbs.  I stretched out the pizza to 14″ using the mini pizza roller.

I use this tool when I’m having difficulty stretching my pizza dough.  However, I use it every time I stretch a large pizza!  And that’s because I find it gives a perfect outcome every time.

It can roll out a 250g dough ball to 15″ which is how I get that lovely thin base and a nice bubbly crust.

There is a technique to using the mini pizza roller and I personally wouldn’t recommend using a large width pastry roller for this.  I’ve tried that and the outcome has not been as good.

The wide pastry rollers tend to mis-shape the pizza easily – for me they end up in a rectangle!  Plus it’s a lot harder to avoid rolling over the edge of the pizza.

These are my tips for using the mini pizza roller:

  • Shape the pizza from the dough ball into a small circle (check out my video).  This circle forms the base for the roller to work from.
  • Roll out from the centre to near the edge of the pizza.

I highly recommend using a mini pizza roller if you are having difficulty stretching your pizza dough


I cook the pizza on a stone that has reached 430c in the centre

  • Do not roll over the edge of the pizza unless you have particularly bubbly dough and need to lower the crust bubbles.
  • If you roll over the edge, your bubbles will be pushed out of the pizza dough and you will have a smaller crust.

For the cook, once the pizza stone is hot enough, I like it to be 430c at the centre of the pizza stone, you are ready to launch your pizza.  I use a 12″ Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel to turn a large pizza but you can also use a 14″ pizza peel in the Ooni Koda 16.  

For the launch I used the Eppicotispai 15″ wooden pizza launch peel.

The pizza came out looking and tasting very good!  The sourdough tasted lovely with the sausage as I didn’t overpower the taste of the dough with the toppings.

I’ve created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help you with your learning to cook pizza journey!

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