How To Launch Pizza into a Pizza Oven!

How To Launch Pizza into a Pizza Oven!

How To Launch Pizza into a Pizza Oven!

How to launch Pizza into a pizza oven!  Check this short vid out!

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I think that wooden pizza peels are the easiest and best way to launch a pizza

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The wooden peels are lightweight, easy to clean and give the pizza a lovely slippery platform to launch from.


I use lightweight wooden pizza peels to launch all my pizza into pizza ovens.

The Eppicotispai brand that I use is made in Italy and are very good value for money.The wooden peel that I originally bought for the Ooni 3 is the same one I use now, so its about 5 years old!

They are available in sizes that fit both the 12″ pizza ovens and the 16″ pizza ovens.

The technique that I’ve developed is as follows:

  • Sprinkle some fine semolina onto the wooden peel and spread it thinly over. ¬†I used to use flour but found it burnt more and clogged up with damp juices. ¬†The semolina is made of hard fine roller balls that allow the pizza to roll over them.
  • Place the wooden peel into the oven at an angle where you want the top of the pizza to land – check my video out here.
  • Gently lift the pizza peel forward so the tip of the pizza lands onto the stone.
  • Once contact with the stone has been made by the pizza, gently pull the peel backward using small movements, don’t tug the peel back. ¬†It’s likely the pizza will come back with you if you do!

wooden pizza peels are lightweight and easy to use

Use small backward movements with your peel still held at a slight angle. ¬†Your goal is to place the pizza in exactly the right position on the stone without changing its shape or pulling it back with you. ¬†Using slight backward wiggle movements will ensure that your pizza is placed where you want it. ¬†Take your time – don’t rush it!

PIZZA OVENS Рif you are looking to buy a pizza oven check out all my pizza oven review videos as there are a number to choose from such as the Ooni Fyra 12, the Ooni Karu 16,  the Ooni Koda 16, Ooni koda 12, Gozney Roccbox and the Ooni Karu 12!  

Check out our Pizza Stone Cleaning Video here.

Enjoy your outdoor pizza oven cooking!

I’ve created a Pizza for Beginners – Learning to Cook Pizza and How to Use Pizza Ovens YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help you with your learning to cook pizza journey!

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