How To Fix Pizza Dough Mistakes!

How To Fix Pizza Dough Mistakes!

How To Fix Pizza Dough Mistakes!

If your pizza dough gets a bit holey then don’t throw it away!  Check the vid out!

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When your pizza dough is not behaving as it should then don’t worry – there are quick and easy ways to fix it!

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Most of the time, my dough stretches just fine and dandy!  But sometimes it doesn’t and some holes appear or it’s become too sticky.  The dough is very forgiving and so with a bit of help, it can be fixed!


These are my tips for fixing pizza dough:

If your dough is sticky then add some flour to help manipulate and stretch it.  If the stickiness remains and it’s not responding then it would be best to ball up and start again.  Don’t throw away the dough as it should be good enough to use once you have re-balled.

If you’re still having problems then use a mini pizza roller to stretch the dough.  This roller comes in handy if your fingers cut through the dough a bit too easily.  Sprinkle flour onto your sticky dough so that the roller can glide over it without sticking.

You may need to press down a bit when using the roller in order to stretch the dough away from the centre toward the edge of the dough.

If your dough isn’t sticky but just holey, then once your dough is stretched out into the size you want, repair the holes gently with your fingertips.  I pinch the  edges of the hole together so that it glues them back.

This will ensure that when you add your toppings to the pizza, it doesn’t seep through the hole!

So make sure that hole is firmly sealed.  The base of your dough will look like a patchwork quilt but that doesn’t matter as you won’t see that!


use more flour if your dough is too sticky

So with a bit of pinching the holes together and a bit more flour for rolling out the sticky dough, you should be good to go.  And the last resort would be to re-ball up the dough and start again.  You may lose bubbles that way but at least you will be able to make a pizza and not waste the dough.  Ideally, when you are stretching dough it’s best not to use too much flour.  Use only what you need.  But with dough that’s causing issues, use the amount of flour you need to be able to stretch your dough well!

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Enjoy your outdoor pizza oven cooking!

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