One day you could be in this situation:  You are just about to cook your pizza in a wood-fired pizza oven and you realise your stone has become very, very hot but your log has burned down to nearly no flame. No problem!  This can be easily resolved!

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

In this situation your aim is to:

  • Not heat up the stone any more as it is already hitting 600c+ at the back but
  • you need to create a flame that is big enough to cook your pizza

How?  It's simple but you may need a cast-iron pan!  Check out the video below where I show how I reduce the temperature of the pizza stone by 100c in 20 seconds!


K16 - US

To reduce the temperature of the stone very quickly I place a cast-iron pan onto the stone - this took only 20 seconds and reduced the stone temperature from 510c to 422c in the centre.

I then added some kindling onto the old log which quickly caught alight and provided a fast and totally amazing amount of flame without increasing the stone temperature.

I cooked a cheese and tomato pizza in these beautiful flames.  The tomatoes this time of year are so sweet and ripe - gorgeous! 

Now, normally I don't need to cool the stone down this much, in such a short time but sometimes after I've made a few pizza, the stone can get very hot and so I do need to do this.  I thought I'd share the process with you as it may help when you've got your pizza ready and the stone is too hot for the cook!


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K16 - UK
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K16 - UK infographic