How To Cook Pizza using Sticky Pizza Dough

How To Cook Pizza using Sticky Pizza Dough

How To Cook Pizza using Sticky Pizza Dough

We made a Chorizo Pizza in the Ooni Koda 12 Pizza Oven with sticky pizza dough.  Check out the cook in this video here!

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The Ooni Koda 12  is a portable and lightweight gas-fired pizza oven.

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The Ooni Koda 12 is a super pizza oven for those starting their pizza cooking journey!

Sticky pizza dough can be tricky to cook.

This particular batch I’d made was sticky due to a higher level of water in the dough and it also tended to create holes very easily.  So, whilst I was stretching the dough I knew it was going to be a challenge to cook.

However, having done this many times before I have a few tips that will ensure the cook is successful.

Pre-heat the oven on full flame until the heat has deeply penetrated the stone.

  • The heat on the stone ideally should go over 420c to 430c  in the centre.
  • Once the heat on the stone reaches 430c in the centre of the pizza stone your pizza is ready to be cooked.
  • I keep the flame on low initially for the pizza cook.  This gives the sticky pizza base time to harden and cook so when you need to make your first turn with the pizza peel the base will be solid enough for you to move it easily.  The low flame ensures the crust and the toppings don’t overcook your pizza at this point.



    Cook with the gas flame on low until the base has cooked enough for the first rotation with your pizza peel

    • After the first pizza rotation, turn the dial to medium flame.  This will give your pizza crust and toppings a fast cook and you are done!

    Check out our pizza dough recipe here.

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    Enjoy your outdoor pizza oven cooking!

    I’ve created a Pizza for Beginners – Learning to Cook Pizza and How to Use Pizza Ovens YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help you with your learning to cook pizza journey!

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