How I Launch Pizza!

How I Launch Pizza!

How I Launch Pizza!

In this video, I explain what I do and use to launch the pizza so please check out my video here on YouTube!

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Get the right pizza tool and some fine semolina and you are ready to launch!

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Pizza Ovens

I use a lightweight wooden pizza peel to launch pizza into the oven.

Here are my tips for launching a pizza into the oven:

The launch tool is the first pizza peel to consider when you purchase a pizza oven.  And getting the right peel for the launch is really important.

From my experience, the lighter and thinner the peel the better.  I use a wooden peel in two sizes – a smaller peel for pizza ovens up to 12 inches and a larger pizza peel for ovens up to 16 inches.

This Italian peel is lightweight, good value and easy to use.   I’ve tested and used metal pizza peels and they’re another popular launch tool.

I’ve not had much success with the perforated metal peels – my pizza has more often than not become stuck in the holes!  So I don’t use them at all.

Should I use fine Semolina or Flour?  I’ve used both and for the first year of pizza making, I used flour, then switched back to semolina, and now I’m 100% settled that it is the better of the two.  Why? 

Because it doesn’t absorb damp juices from the dough or pizza toppings before the launch.  Even when I keep the pizza hanging around for a bit, it doesn’t stick to the peel. 

This is because the fine semolina acts like small hard roller balls.  This gives the pizza dough a nice swift roll action to launch the pizza off the peel.

Before the launch, I do a movement check to see whether the pizza can move easily off the peel beforehand.  This is really important because if it sticks at this point then it is unlikely to come off the peel on the launch.




If it does stick, add some semolina to the sticky areas, pull up the corner of the pizza and blow the excess away underneath.  This will lift up and remove the excess semolina.

I’ve created a technique for the launch.  I’m not sure if there’s a specific rule on launch techniques, but this way works for me:

I place the front peel edge onto the centre of the pizza stone at an angle that slopes gently to the front of the peel and from there I give it a forward wiggle to launch the pizza so it touches the stone and then I pull gently back with a few more wiggles.

When the pizza is one-third off the peel I very gently lower the peel slightly and pull backward.  The pizza stays in place and the gentle removal of the peel ensures that the pizza keeps its shape.  

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I’ve created a Pizza for Beginners – Learning to Cook Pizza and How to Use Pizza Ovens YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help you with your learning to cook pizza journey!


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