Why did I start a YouTube Pizza Channel using only the tools I already owned, with no subs for subs, with no paid adverts or views and without telling anyone?  And doing most of it for free?

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

There were a number of reasons:

I am not a natural cook - I find it hard to cook decent meals in my kitchen at home for the family.  It's not for want of trying or from not understanding the dozens of recipe books I've bought.  It's mostly due to not being a natural cook and that's not fun and meal-times do become a stressful time for me.

The only place where I felt natural at cooking and enjoyed producing meals for my family was outside - when I was cooking up a barbecue.  The only other times were when I made cakes and bread.

Due to my love for pizza and dough, I bought my first pizza oven in the Spring of 2017 and the first thing I wanted to do was to learn to make good pizza dough.

I experimented with pizza dough, after pizza dough and uploaded the lot onto YouTube - whether the dough came out good or bad.  This was and still is a real pizza journey for me and I wanted the outcomes for each cook to be uploaded to show that learning to cook isn't a perfect journey, it's a challenge.

The second challenge was to create a YouTube channel from 0 subscribers and I didn't want to do sub-for-sub, at a time when others were. 

The other challenge I put in front of me was to create YouTube videos with no extra resources or costs other than those I already owned.  This meant that I used my iPhone 7 Plus and my Canon G7x mark ii.  I use my iPhone for all the outside filming  -  I hold it in my left hand and turn the pizza with the right!

I use the Canon for all the indoor shots.  I use the free photo editing app called Canva, for all my thumbnails, I used until very recently the free video editing app, iMovie.  I used the free Apple app, KeyNote for all the animation graphics I needed.  I also used Inkscape, the free vector graphics software.

I learnt everything from watching other YouTube videos.  I watched how the big YouTubers were laying out their videos with the next best thing, knowing that they would have received expensive professional help and advice to grow their channels.  I took note of their processes and changes and did the same thing, for free.

I then purchased this web domain, learnt to use WordPress (from YouTube videos) and lite Beaver Builder and built this site.  The template I used to build this site was free (recommended on YouTube!), so is Beaver Builder Lite, used to create web posts such as this - I just pay for the hosting.  

All the WordPress plug-ins I use are also free.  That's not to say that I won't pay for these things going forward - I will, but for a small channel, using the "Lite" versions is all you need until you grow bigger.

I honestly didn't have a plan and I wasn't sure where I was going, but you, the viewers started to guide and advise me.  You asked for videos and I made them.  This became less of a challenge, a nervous step into the world of social media, but an encouraging and supportive environment.  You changed my perception of social media.  You have all been so lovely.  I can't explain how much support you have offered and this has, in turn, led me to make a better pizza.

You gave that to me for free and now I'm hopefully giving something back to all the new pizza makers who are exactly where I was two years ago.

Thank you.


K16 - US