The Ooni Karu can also be used with a gas burner In addition to lumpwood and real wood logs,  making this a multi-fuelled oven that can be used in your back-yard/garden.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

Straight after the wood cook I swapped the fuel function of this oven over and added the gas burner.

The video below shows the whole process of swapping the burners over.  It’s really straightforward and takes under a minute to do.

Check the video out below to see not just the change over but also the pizza cook with the gas burner.


K16 - US

This oven uses the Ooni 3 gas burner (as it used to be called) which has been re-named the Ooni Gas Burner.  If you didn’t know already - I was not a fan of the Ooni 3 gas burner in the Ooni 3 Oven.  That’s because at the start of my pizza journey I burnt a lot of pizza using it.  The flame was very direct and my inexperience just doubled the disaster of my pizza cooks!  And because of that I wasn’t excited to use it in this oven.

But,  I bought this oven with an open mind and was hoping that the burner would perform better in the Ooni Karu.  And when I say perform, I mean cook the pizza well without burning it.

This pizza cook was fun and easy.  This oven Is deeper in length than the Ooni 3 and the burner is  better placed  to cook the pizza - it is far enough away but suitably positioned to ensure the flame and heat cook the pizza quickly.  

The oven cooked the pizza without burning it and also without a flame guard.  I was suitably impressed with this first cook using the Ooni gas burner!

The gas burner cook determined whether this really would be a suitable all-round duel-fuelled oven.   That’s why I had to use it for my second ever pizza cook using this oven.

The wood and charcoal fuel burner cooked my first pizza really well - video link here for that first cook.  The gas burner had to live up to that.  And it did - in this oven.

Ooni Gas Burner


K16 - UK

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K16 - UK infographic