First Cook using the Ooni Volt 12! Electric Pizza Oven Review!

First Cook using the Ooni Volt 12!  Electric Pizza Oven Review!

First Cook using the Ooni Volt 12! Electric Pizza Oven Review!

We bought the Ooni Volt 12 on its launch day and this is our first cook with it!  Also we review the new Ooni Volt 12 in this video after our first cook! Check it out!

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High heat ovens will cook your pizza super fast and as this electric oven can heat up to 450c, it gets to the same temperature as the outdoor pizza cooking ovens!

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This electric pizza oven can be used indoors and outdoors, perfect for cooking pizza as the oven can reach 450c!


I set up my new Ooni Volt 12 onto my kitchen worktop.  It fitted well but it was quite heavy for me – even without the stone!  I added the stone and seasoned the oven before the first cook.  To season the oven you just need to heat it up for 20 minutes on full heat – 450c and then let it cool down.

I then re-heated it back up to 450c.  The stone in 20 minutes reached a perfect 430c and I launched my pizza.  I wasn’t expecting to rotate the pizza much but if you cook on 450c I would rotate it but not as often as you would in an outdoor oven with flames.

The pizza cooked well but I had a few lessons to learn from this first cook:

  • I need to amend my dough recipe slightly for this electric oven – I will add some sugar and more water.  I haven’t tested this yet and so I will update this page when I try out my updated electric oven pizza dough recipe.
  • I will rotate the pizza a bit more to achieve more of an even cook.

With these two changes above I should achieve a faster and improved pizza cook!



on the 450c setting you will need to rotate your pizza as the back and the front of the oven have a slight temperature difference

Overall, the Ooni Volt 12 pizza oven was so easy to use!  The base cooked really well and the crust cooked as effectively as a wood flame.  I am very impressed with this oven and I won’t hesitate to use it on those cold, wet and windy days!

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