First Cook in my Outdoor Wooden Pizza Kitchen!

First Cook in my Outdoor Wooden Pizza Kitchen!

First Cook in my Outdoor Wooden Pizza Kitchen!

I use the Ooni Koda 16 to cook my first pizza in my wooden outdoor pizza kitchen!  Check out the video here!

K16 - US

I made a mozzarella pizza drizzled with hot honey – it was so nice!

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outdoor wooden pizza kitchen
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This was an opportunity to find out what tweaks I needed to make if any and whether I needed to make adjustments to the cooking area.

When you cook outside there are so many other items you need to have with you. 

This kitchen has given me the opportunity to have everything I need to hand, from the peels on the hooks to the shelves with my herbs and condiments within easy reach.

I also needed to see if the Koda 16 would fit on the plinth, which it did!  Only just though – it fits exactly! 

I also needed to check that the gas pipe would reach the gas bottle from the back opening.  It just fits!  Any shorter and I would have had to raise the bottle onto a platform behind.

However, since this video was made I’ve now cooked with the Ooni Koda 12 and that pipe comes out the back of the oven and is closer to the gas bottle.

The Ooni Koda 16’s pipe pops out from the side and so it has to go around the oven and then down at the back.

Cooking with the Koda 16 is always an enjoyable experience as the flames light up the oven and I can see it easily cooking the pizza at the back of the oven.


The side panels blocked the side breeze and gave the oven more protection.

After the cook, I couldn’t pick up on anything I wanted to change in the pizza kitchen or the structure, other than to buy a bigger stainless steel preparation board.  I also have a new use for the smaller one and that’s for an upcoming video!

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