How is it that some of my pizzas cook in 60 to 90 seconds and then others take 2 - 3 minutes with the same dough, the same toppings and the same flame size and in the same oven?

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I always cook in the Ooni Koda with the dial at 3/4 to full flame.  Every single time and yet my pizza cooks at varying rates.  All variables are the same apart from one thing - the weather.

Is that it?  Is the answer to this frustrating pizza cook time thing based on the weather outside?  So, when I cook on a hot sunny day and it takes 60 to 90 seconds, it should take longer on a cold Winters day?  Nope. 

That made no difference as I've cooked in both conditions and the pizza made the same time. 

Check out the video below to see the 80-second Pepperoni Pizza being cooked in Winter.  I think it was about 3 degrees Centigrade outside.


K16 - US

This dough was a 60% hydration recipe which is also my go-to standard pizza dough.  There is only one other factor that may change the time - the warmth of the pizza dough.

The dough was warm when I made this.  I pulled it out of my airing cupboard where it had been resting before the cook and the dough felt at least 21c when I stretched it.

So, from now on, to prove or disprove this theory of mine I will check the dough temperature before the stretch to see if that really does affect the cook.

I will be testing the temperature of the warm pizza dough. I want to find out how warm it should ideally be for the best and fastest pizza cook.  I'll keep you updated on future pizza blogs.

Chorizo Pizza


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K16 - UK

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K16 - UK infographic