This week I made a batch of pizza dough using my normal pizza dough recipe with a 60% hydration level:

  • 500g soft-grain 00 milled pizza flour
  • 300g water
  • 9g dissolved salt
  • 1g yeast

I made a Serrano ham topped pizza first with buffalo mozzarella and used a 24-hour room proofed pizza dough.  This is the first of two pizza dough tests.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

After this cook I made another pizza, a day later, where I used dough from the same batch but added another 24-hour fridge proof to it.

I bulk-proofed the dough in a lidded plastic container and it was easy to remove the 200g dough ball from the room-proofed mixture for the first cook.

The video below is the first pizza cook with the 24 hour room proofed pizza dough using the Ooni Koda gas-fired pizza oven.


K16 - US

For this test, I made sure to keep the conditions of both cooks the same and I used the Ooni Koda Gas-fired Pizza Oven with the same flame level. 

These pizzas were made on consecutive days where the climate was identical - both nice sunny warm days.

For the first pizza, the dough was ok to stretch - it did bounce back a little but there were no holes and it was easy to manage and manipulate. 

The dough cooked nicely and provided some leoparding and a decent crunchy crust.

The video below shows the second pizza I made with the same dough that had already been room proofed for 24 hours.

I added a 24-hour fridge proof to it.  I removed another 200g piece of dough from the cold bulk proof, brought it back to room temperature and made a Chorizo pizza with it.


K16 - UK

There was a lot less bounce during the stretch and it was very manageable with no holes.

The cook on the crust developed a lot more leoparding, with more crunch and a slightly improved taste difference compared to the 24-hour dough room proof.

It was an interesting test to do, particularly using the same dough twice with different proof times. 

I think it clearly shows here that the extra 24-hour fridge proof does improve the dough that bit more and is worth doing if you have the time.


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K16 - UK infographic

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