Pizza dough, the one thing that has to be mastered to make the perfect pizza and it's not something I've been able to master overnight.

In fact, I still haven't found the ultimate dough recipe but I feel I'm not far off from creating that perfect dough that suits my climate and my style of cooking.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

Cooking Your Pizza Dough Recipe in my Ooni Koda Pizza Oven

Hello! Today we cooked your Pizza Dough Recipe in the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven! Thought I'd try out your pizza dough recipes in the Koda Oven! I did singe the top back base of the pizza a bit more than I anticipated as I hadn't expected the oven to heat up so fast! It was 5c outside and the pizza oven warmed up as fast as a Summer's day. The Pizza Dough Recipe: 483g caputo flour 305g water 12g salt 2.19g dried yeast 5 hour room temp proof 41 hour fridge proof.


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I've tried out so many dough recipes with various tweaks to the recipe and the proof for the cook.  This is an essential part of learning how to create your own pizza dough.  One that suits your climate and your proof temperatures.

I don't know if anyone else would agree with me here but I feel pretty strongly about the following statement:  There is not one recipe that fits all pizza dough cooks but a good recipe will provide a great basis to tweak to make it yours for that ultimate perfect pizza dough.

In the video above I made a classic pizza using the following dough recipe:

483g caputo flour

305g water

12g salt

2.19g dried yeast

5 hour room temp proof

41 hour fridge proof

I found that the stretch on this pizza was an improvement to my standard recipe and so I am going to add 10 grams more of water to my original recipe. So for the next pizza cook using my recipe it will be as follows:

500g caputo flour with a 00 mill

310g water

1.5 g dried yeast

9g salt

24 hour fridge proof/24 hour room proof

Next week I will post my pizza cook using this new tweaked pizza dough recipe so check back for the updated blog next weekend!


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