This week I made a 70% hydration pizza dough for the first time.  This is the edited recipe.  I had some fantastic advice from viewers on YouTube and so I've added the recipe I used and the edited recipe from their advice:

  • 500g Blue Caputo 00 Flour
  • 350g water
  • 9g Salt (use 3% instead)
  • 1.5g dried yeast (use 0.5 to 1g instead)

Check out the video below as it shows the crunchiness of a 70% hydration dough crust, particularly at the end.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!


K16 - US

It was such a crispy cook and that was so unexpected.  Because I used 70% water in this recipe I totally expected the crust to have more of a soggy density after the cook.  But it was the complete opposite.

I think that the manageability of the dough at 70% was something I wouldn't wish to deal with on a regular basis!  It was very sticky and the dough was holey.  This made it a lot harder to stretch and place into shape.

Using the Ooni Pro to cook this pizza in provided that extra wood-fired crispiness.  I look forward to testing the 70% pizza dough in a gas-fired pizza oven to find out whether the dough would cook in the same way.

This 70% pizza dough test is not over!  I've updated the recipe and I'll add more salt to the next recipe (3%).  I will also change the proof to 24 hours room and 20 hours in the fridge and back to warm room again for the cook.


K16 - UK

Overall, I really loved the taste and texture of this pizza and the soggy dough hasn't put me off yet from making another!  I truly believe this is worth the effort as there is a significant and improved taste to the pizza base.


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K16 - UK infographic

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