The miserable wet and windy Autumnal weather arrived and I had to find a place to cook pizza all year round.  Was there a weather issue like this last year - it must have been drier because at the moment the rain is not stopping and the Atlantic storms are rolling in every week.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

I've adapted my metal pergola for the winter with clear plastic tarpaulin and bungee cords to keep it together.  The total cost was £100, including the flue cap and the waterproof lights.

This week for the first time I used the new pizza den to cook a Kentucky Fried Chicken Daredevil Bites Pizza  - Sweet Chilli and it was lovely and really easy to make.

The Ooni Koda Pizza Oven is great to use as it's so portable to carry up and around the garden to be used anywhere.  It has no chimney so that's also perfect for cooking with a plastic roof.


K16 - US

I used 24-hour room proofed dough with a little more yeast than I did during the summer as the room temperature has lowered.

I think 3.5g yeast was a bit too much though as it did get a bit too bubbly.  I'll use 2.5g  yeast for the next batch of pizza.

Overall, using KFC chicken pieces on your pizza is a great alternative particularly if you are a fan of the Daredevil Bites.

I dripped some of the Sweet Chilli sauce over the buffalo mozzarella cheese and that created a very tasty tangy flavour.

For the second cook of the week, I made a Ham and Mushroom Pizza in the Ooni Pro.  This was a really tasty pizza and again, very easy to make.

For this cook I moved the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven up to the top of the garden into my new pizza den and for now, it's going to stay there.

To make sure the chimney didn't melt the plastic roof, I bought a flue cap from Amazon UK for £28 and it was totally worth it.  It's not an Ooni product and I tested this at my own risk.  And it worked so it's good to go.


K16 - UK

This was a great pizza cook, the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven as always is so easy to use and gets that stone temperature up to 430c in no time.  For how to light the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven check out this Video - How I light the Ooni Pro.

I didn't manage to burn down the pizza den. Yay!  The flue cap worked and dispersed the heat away to the sides - so perfect for cooking under a cover in the rain!

I hope you like it too!  If you haven't already don't forget to follow us on YouTube here: 

Have a fun pizza-making week!

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K16 - UK infographic