The great thing about Pizza Ovens is that you can use them in your backyard/garden all the year round if you want to.  

And that's exactly what I've been doing the last few years.  With the exception of a few Atlantic storms that would've blown me and the oven away, I've cooked throughout the four seasons.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

My favourite season to cook outside is of course the Summer!  You can cook late in the evening and it's still warm and light.  Just cooking in the warm air is an enjoyable experience plus the pizza ovens retain their heat better so I use less fuel.  It's just the best time.

My least favourite season comes as no surprise either - the Winter.  And that is not because of the cold weather.  The cold doesn't bother me because when you are facing a 600c oven you warm up pretty quick!  It's the wind and the rain that ruin pizza cooking outside and we get a lot of that in the UK.

Check out my video below where I cook using the Ooni Koda on a breezy day.  I do this a lot but in this one I nearly burnt my pizza because just a slight breeze can quickly blast your crust with flame within seconds.


K16 - US

This was a lovely Spring day but there was a staggered breeze; for a minute it would be calm then a sudden gust would blast somewhere near to the back of the oven and blow the gas flames all over the place and that is the biggest challenge when you use a pizza oven outside - the wind/breeze.

Unlike the solid and closed wood-fire ovens like the Delivita and clay/brick pizza ovens, these portable pizza ovens have gaps at the back where the burner is.  There may be a few holes at the side or underneath and the breeze can quickly drag the flame around when you least want or expect it to.

The only way to manage a cook with a breeze is to keep  turning your pizza - even if it is every few seconds.  And that's why I love using pizza ovens without a door.  

The Delivita, Ardore, Ooni Koda and Roccbox  - you cook your pizza without a door and that means you can see the flames flickering about at the back.  With the Ooni Karu and Ooni 3 using the wood fuel option, you need to keep the door on.  I really don't like cooking that way.  

The Ooni Pro has a pizza door and that gives you a bit more of a view of the pizza although I prefer cooking with the door off entirely.

There are challenges to cooking pizza outside all year round but not enough to stop me doing it.  I was really looking forward to cooking pizza in the snow this year but we didn't get any!!


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K16 - UK

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