I've mentioned this a number of times in older posts - when I've managed to cook a pizza in 60 seconds and what the factors were to make that happen.   

I have considered whether it's the weather - but that's a no because I've managed to do this both in the Winter and Summer seasons.  Is it the dough?  No, I use the same dough for every cook - with a slight hydration adjustment sometimes. 

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

Is it the oven? Hmm.  It could be.  For instance, I've cooked pizza faster in the Ardore Pizza Party Oven than the others ovens on a consistent basis.


K16 - US

From the video above, the cook, which is filmed in real-time shows the speed that this oven can cook a pizza in.  To cook a pizza quickly you need the heat of the stone and the flame to be at the right level - so that it cooks fast without burning. 

During this cook, the flame was set, as always to a 3/4 strength flame on the dial.  The stone was approx 440c.  But with this oven, the side flame made a huge difference.  I find I am rotating it a lot less and so the pizza sits on the stone floor to soak up that heat. 

The side burner hits a greater area of the crust due to its length and position at the side.  The flames on the burner are pointed up into the curved roof allowing it to gently bounce down to cook the crust in no time at all.

I don't get worried about how long it takes to cook a pizza - sometimes it's fast like this but most times my pizza will cook in about 2 minutes and maybe more. 

As long as the pizza is cooked and tastes great then that's all that matters.  But sometimes it's nice to hit that 60-second pizza cook - I don't do it very often!


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K16 - UK

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K16 - UK infographic