Comparing the Top Pizza Peels for Outdoor Pizza Ovens!

Comparing my Top Pizza Peels for Pizza Ovens! Pizza For Beginners.

Hi and welcome to our learning-to-cook pizza journey! These are my pizza peels! I show you my favourite ones!


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Today, we’re going to compare two popular types of pizza peels: wooden and metal.

Let’s start with the wooden pizza peel.

Firstly, wooden peels should only be used to launch your pizza into your oven.  They should not be used for the cook and turning your pizza.  You will need a metal peel for that.

Just grab some fine semolina, rub that over your dry wooden launch peel and gently pull your pizza dough onto the peel.  It’s best to do this before you add your toppings.  The semolina acts like small hard roller balls.  The tiny hard balls under the dough allow you to easily slide your pizza into the oven.  Use small movements like rather than one big movement.  I’ve learnt from experience that one big movement will more than likely transfer all your toppings off your pizza into the fire at the back of the oven!! 

Your launch should be smooth, ensuring that your pizza retains its shape during the transfer process. 

There is nothing nicer than the sound of wood as you gently launch against the pizza stone.  Metal just doesn’t sound so good!

Wooden peels are durable, making your wooden pizza peel a long-lasting investment. With proper care and maintenance, it can serve you well for years.  The 12″ Eppcotispai Wooden Pizza peel has been used in all of the videos using my 12” pizza ovens.  This peel is so much part of my kitchen life it has a name!  My peel is called Pren.  Pren is the Welsh name for Wood.

Pren Mawr is the bigger  16” version of Pren and Mawr means Big in Welsh!  I use Pren Mawr in the Koda 16 and the Karu 16.

Let’s move onto the metal pizza peels.  I use these for turning the pizza.

Metal peels are typically made from aluminium or stainless steel, which makes them sturdy and long-lasting. Used properly, they can withstand high temperatures without warping.  There are square and round peels available.

Round peels allow for easy rotation of the pizza inside the oven. 

My favourite, the Gozney Roccbox pizza round turning peel is made from steel and I use this to turn pizza inside the oven only.  I learnt to turn using this peel and started off cooking small pizza, slowly getting bigger as I learnt to control the dough on the peel.


Wooden peels are for launching pizza only

The other peel I enjoy using is the Ooni 12” perforated square pizza peel.  The metal used in this peel is different to the Gozney peel  – this one is made of Aluminium.   I use this peel for cooking larger pizza in the 16” pizza ovens too.  I use it to turn pizza both inside and outside of the oven even though it is square.   I normally do a first turn outside and then subsequent turns inside when I use this peel.

The holes in the peel have a number of benefits when you are cooking.  The moisture from the dough is released as you turn and the heat from the stone also gets through the holes so you aren’t cutting off the cook entirely as you quickly turn.

Here is a tip.  If you find that your pizza base is cooking faster than your pizza crust, just lift the pizza off the stone with the metal peel and hold the crust up whilst it cooks near the flame.  If your toppings are cooking too fast, just cover the toppings with your peel to protect it from the flame.  I prefer to use a steel peel for this rather than an aluminum peel.

The main factors to consider when buying your peel is the weight and the handle length.  The peels to look for should be lightweight with a good balance when you hold it.  A thin flat surface on the peel will allow you to slide it easily and quickly under the pizza when you turn without digging into the pizza dough.

With the Ooni long-handled turning peel, it protects my hands as I reach the pizza at the back of the 16” pizza ovens.  For the 12” pizza ovens using the short-handled peels are fine.

Pizza peels look great in your pizza kitchen area and are essential for cooking pizza.  They are a great investment and will give you years of pizza-cooking pleasure!


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