6 Mistakes To Avoid When Making Pizza At Home

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Making Pizza At Home

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Making Pizza At Home

In this video, I show how I make pizza dough for an electronic home oven and how I make my tomato sauce, so please check out my video here on YouTube!

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Use your home electric oven to cook your freshly home-made pizza!

electric oven pizza
electric oven pizza
Pizza Dough

You can make pizza dough for electric home ovens so check out my pizza dough recipe below!

It’s always been on my list to make pizza dough, especially for an electric home oven.

And below is my recipe.  It’s a bit different from the wood/gas high heat dough recipe I use which is on this link here: Check out our pizza dough recipe here.

I have added sugar and oil to the electric oven recipe, mostly to encourage browning on the crust in a low heat oven.

I used a 170g dough ball

Electric Oven Home Pizza Dough Recipe:

  • 500g pizza flour (4 US Cups of Flour)
  • I use blue caputo pizzeria.
  • 275g water
  • 10g dissolved table salt in water above
  • 3g dried easy bake yeast dissolved in water above separately from the salt (changes with climate)
  • 5g sugar (dissolved in the water above)
  • 2 tablespoons of cooking olive oil In this video
  • I used 100g water to dissolve the yeast and then 175g water to dissolve the salt and sugar – total 275g water.
  • I used a bread-maker to knead the dough and bulk-proofed for 2 hours, then transferred the dough onto a bakes tray for 24 hours at fridge temperature and then warmed the dough balls back to room temp before use.
  • This process is not set in stone and you can change this process around a lot to suit your schedule.
  • You could just do a 24 hour room proof or a 2 hour room proof.

breadmaker's are great for pizza dough - they have been designed to knead dough consistently

Re-ball the dough into shape and start making your pizza!

For the Tomato Sauce:

I use good-quality Italian chopped tomatoes

I fry some chopped garlic in a pan and add the tomatoes to the pan and simmer.  Once all the flavours have developed I let it cool down, chop it up a little more then it’s ready to use.

The pizza was very tasty and the crust was lovely and crunchy.  I would suggest that you will need to heat up your oven to full heat before the cook and if you have a grill inside the oven, to turn the oven off, put the pizza in, and then turn on the grill.  I have been advised that it works better.  Unfortunately, I do not have a grill in my oven so had to rely on the heat inside to cook the pizza, which it did very nicely and gave a good top cook.

Check out our pizza dough recipe here.

Check out our Pizza Stone Cleaning Video here.

I’ve created a Pizza for Beginners – Learning to Cook Pizza and How to Use Pizza Ovens YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help you with your learning to cook pizza journey!


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