I've made it before - but what happened this time?  Why did it turn out so gooey and wet, holey and unmanageable?

I think it over-proofed.  For the future I'm not going to make a 5 day cold proof pizza dough again.

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Why make that extra effort when it's just as easy to make a 24 hour room proof and come out with nicer tasting dough and great leoparding.

However, I will keep making the 3 day cold-proofed dough as that gives it an extra whoop of flavour.


K16 - US


K16 - UK

Even so, this final cook with that batch of dough came out alright in the end.

That was no mean feat.  In fact, if I hadn't used copious amounts of flour and flattened the life out of those nasty little holes that were generating and regenerating themselves in the dough, that wouldn't have happened.  

If it hadn't been for that super flame from the Ooni Pro pizza oven, cooking that dough and turning it into a lovely crispy crusted pizza base.

I just don't like wasting food and the same applies to pizza dough, even though it wasn't good dough it wasn't that bad in the end either.  With a little bit of TLC you can use bad over-proofed dough and make something with it.

Every time I cold-proof pizza dough I also 24-hour room proof it too.  Sometimes I do that after the cold-proof.  I have yet to determine which comes out better, before or after.  It's so slight it's not yet noticeable but I'm still experimenting with that.

In this video, I also tested the after-cook temperature - something that needs to be done if you are going to make more pizza!  After the cook, the temperature on the stone had reduced to 400c.  As I wasn't making a pizza immediately I just added some lump wood to keep the temperature up.  Then 5 minutes before the next pizza cook I added another log.  That log would last for 2 more pizza cooks.

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K16 - UK infographic

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