This week I made two pizzas in the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven using 24 hour room proofed pizza dough and it produced great leoparding and a lovely texture all round.

I've created a Pizza for Beginners YouTube playlist that gives some great tips to help your learning to cook pizza journey! Enjoy your Pizza Cooking!

This pizza dough in comparison to last weeks dough, where I used a 5 day cold-proof dough, was so much better.  In fact, I won't be using a 5 day cold proofed pizza dough again.  It overproofed the dough, it became slimy and holey and was not worth the time.

For more information on making pizza dough check out our pizza dough video.

I made a simple tomato and cheese pizza for kids which was so tasty and the plainer the pizza for me the better.  

Tomatoes, at this time of year taste so good and with such a strong flavour there's not much else needed to make a great pizza!


K16 - US

I also made a Hawaiian Pizza in 85 seconds!  Oh yes! Why does this pizza divide the pizza lovers community so much??  I have no idea why warm pineapple makes pizza lovers cringe!

It's a really tasty pizza and I can understand why it has such a huge following!  Check it out in the video below.  

Also, I'm using semolina for the launch but I have noticed it does make a small fire, sometimes when you launch and even when you pull the pizza out of the oven.

I only place a small amount on the peel and blow away any excess so there shouldn't be much semolina going into the oven in the first place.


K16 - UK
K16 - UK infographic

Overall, I'm happy with the 24 hour room proofed dough, as you can see from the videos it gave great leoparding with both cooks.  If you make a 24 hour room proof with a 24 hour fridge proof your pizza dough will also work really well.

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