This week for the first time ever I tried to make Mozzarella Cheese.  To start off I used an Italian Cheese Making Kit.  I wouldn't have had a clue what to buy to get started.

The process isn't that straightforward and for the first time you do have to be very attentive to the timings, temperatures and process.   As I learnt to my detriment if you get any one of those  wrong it will impact on the moisture and consistency of your cheese.

So, I added to the instructions on the Kit for timings and temperatures and tried to follow them as well as I could.

I think that once you have practiced and experimented a number of times you should be able to get the mozzarella to the consistency that you enjoy.  I will keep practicing and will update you with my progress!!

Two main parts of the cheese making process I'll amend for the next attempt are:

  • to wait for the curds to set for a bit longer than 10 minutes.

  • to not stir the curds when I heat them up to ensure they stay in place and this should create a more moist cheese.

  • to not microwave the cheese to release the whey.  This totally dried out the curds and left me with a very low moisture piece of mozzarella.

Even though the cheese came out very dry that didn't alert me to how it would cook on a pizza.  So I added a few slices of the cheese I made onto a pizza and cooked in the Ooni 3 Wood pellet fired Pizza Oven.

The outcome wasn't what I had expected - the cheese didn't melt at all!  The flames gave the tops of the cheese a smoky crispy grill and they retained their shape.

After realising that the cheese I had made was very dry I really should have grated the cheese onto the pizza - it was the ideal type of grating cheese very much like shredded mozzarella you can buy in the supermarket.

So next time I will be paying more attention to the moisture level of the curd.  Cheese making is a very delicate process and I'm sure with some practice I hope to understand the process better and when I do I will share those updates with you.

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